Miniature Craft Stick Chair (Gift Card Idea)

Have you ever loved something so much, that you literally loved it to pieces?   Sometimes it's not easy to find replacements for items that we love so we try to make them last just a little...bit...longer until there is really nothing left of it to love.

My mom bought some folding lawn chairs years ago that she has loved.  We've sat in them so many times out in my parents backyard while visiting and watching the grandkids play.  This last summer though, her favorite chairs were showing some serious wear and tear and weren't feelin' so comfy anymore, especially when the seat of the chair sank so low you felt that you might actually fall through the 2/3 of the seat that was actually still there!  It was at that point (when I thought I might actually fall through) that I declared to my mom that I was buying her new lawn chairs for Christmas!  I was 99% sure that she wouldn't remember that I told her I was buying her new chairs by the time Christmas came around. (turns out I was right.)

Well, Summer came to an end and guess who also forgot my mom was getting new chairs for Christmas...me!   That's right, I totally forgot to buy them when they were in season.   I wanted to at least give her the money to buy her favorite chairs this summer (in case she actually did remember she was getting new chairs), but didn't want to just give her a card with money in it.  Two of my sisters both suggested making a small lawn chair as sort of a gift card and money keeper to hold the cash until summer rolls around again, which sounded like a great idea to me, so that's what I did.

I think that you can probably find just about everything on the internet because I actually found a tutorial on how to make a lawn chair out of craft sticks.  No kidding!  I was so happy!  I made up my own variation, using the tutorial as a guide.

It's made of craft sticks and held together with hot glue.  The stain color is dark walnut.  When I was done making the chair it was missing something though, it needed a cushion, so I made one with a very thin layer of batting.  The final touch was a tiny 1 1/2" pillow, hand sewn I might add (only the best for my mom), that says: We {Heart} Grandma.  I put the money in a small clear bag and tucked it in the underside of the chair.

I forgot to take pictures of it until we were en route to my Parents house so I made up a little photo studio on the dash of our truck using Christmas cards for the background.  I was so proud of my husband, he didn't even roll his eyes at me once! :) 

I don't suppose you have a use for a miniature chair, unless you make doll furniture, but I just wanted to show you how it turned out and pass on a fun alternative to just giving cash.

If you have something that you've literally 'loved to pieces' and are having a hard time finding a replacement for it, I'd love to hear about it!

Today's Fabulous Find...Miniature Lawn Chair Tutorial

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Kelli said...

oh my goodness! That is about the cutest chair ever! You did a great job, and the stain makes it look so real, not at all like popcicle sticks! Thanks for sharing...I hope your mom loves it. :)

Karan said...

Oh that chair is just so cute. Gosh wonder if small sticks would work for lawnchairs for my doll house yard. Hummmmmmm got me thinking I just may have to get some of the sticks out and give this a try.


Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

OH adorable!! What a great idea! Wouldn't these be cute used as votive holders on a summer table? Thanks for sharing with us.

lynn said...

such a cute idea, janet! your chair is just adorable, and it would be cute as a candle holder as lauren said!

JLL24 said...

That was the coolest idea. Love the idea of giving a mini of the real thing. Thanks

Karen said...

Adorable Janet! I see your close to 2000 followers. Congrats! So exciting:)

NoraAnne said...

This is SO cute :) What a cool idea!!!! I hope your mom loved it!

Deanna said...

LOVE this chair! Love the idea of a candle holder, also it could be used for place card holders. Either tuck a place card in the top of the chair, or you could put names on the pillows for a sumer picnic. Very fun.

Alison @ Oopsey Daisy said...

This is SO SO darling, Janet! What a clever, sweet gift. Far better than cash for sure!! You always amaze me!

Sass - aka - Kathy said...

Teeny-tiny cute! What a great project! Won't you consider sharing it with my readers at sassafrassalvation.blogspot.com/2012/01/architectural-salvage-jewelry.html. Thanks! Happy New Year!

Mom said...

I did absolutely love it! She is so crafty and so clever. Can't wait till spring to get some new chairs. Yay! Oh, and the tiny lawn chair has its proper place in the living room.

Thanks, Janet,
Love ya

talha said...

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Chris P's Minis and More said...

can you send the tut to me I can't get it..

Janice Rushing said...

i dont see directions for craft stick chair


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