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Personalized Pillowcase

My oldest daughter is leaving for girls camp this week and needed 5 little gifts for her Secret Sister.  We thought it would be fun to give her a pillow case with her name on it.  In my search for the right measurements for a standard sized pillow case, I found this video tutorial.  There are printable directions which were helpful too.  The case was pretty easy to sew.  I decided to use french seams because I didn't feel like getting my serger out for such a small project. 
For her name I made my own pattern to trace using Microsoft Pulisher.  First use word art to type the name and select the font (I chose Ravie because it is a nice wide font.), then select white for the fill to get a traceable outline and print it.  When tracing the letters on the fusible web remember to trace them on backwards so they will appear the right direction when you are all done.  I  attached the letters with fusible web and then stitched around them for durability.

This was a fun project.  Now my kids want me to make them one too.  We'll see! 

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Before and After: Picture Frame, Part One

I found this shadow box picture at the thrift store for only $4.00.  I liked the frame, especially the inside part of it.  It made me think of beadboard. 

I started by taking the back off.  The staple remover worked great.  I used the needle nose pliers to grab the staples that didn't come right out.

I was sooo glad that when I took the back off that I didn't find any spiders or other gross surprises.  I was a bit worried about it.  This is what it looked like inside:

Next, I lightly sanded the wood.

I had read somewhere that you could use baby wipes to clean the dust off after sanding.  I tried it, but it didn't work so well for me.  The wipes caught on the wood and left fibers behind.  I think next time I will just wipe it down with an old rag.

I primed it with Krylon spray primer.  It worked well, but it would have helped if today wasn't so windy.  I'm thinking that I shouldn't be painting on a windy day, but where I live if I waited for it to stop blowing I'd never paint!

I had to tape paper over the glass because it was glued in.

The primer dried very quickly so I sprayed the white paint right on (two coats), distressed it some, and then sprayed on a coat of clear sealant spray.

At this point I have to decide what color to paint the outer edge of the frame.  The color will depend on where I decide to hang it and what I put inside.  It's going to take some thought!

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Featuring: Car Caddy

Isn't this so fun?  My little boy would L-O-V-E this.  It would be great to use when traveling. He always has a car in each hand when we leave the house. 

I found this version at  It was adapted from a car caddy they found here at Homemade By Jill.  She even put together a tutorial.  She found her inspiration here at My Little Gems.

So there you have it, not one, not two, but THREE versions to choose from! 
Do you know a little boy who would love this too?

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