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Holiday S'mores Kit with 'HOME' Wood Block

Christmas is less than a week away now and I'm scrambling to finish some small gifts for neighbors and friends. Today I'm sharing with you a new variation of a gift that I put together a couple of years ago--remember the S'mores Kit's?  We live in a new town now so I guess one of the perks of moving is that I can recycle old ideas and use them again on new friends and neighbors--saves me some thinking time! ;)

I purchased the cute snowman gift sacks at Wal-mart for .75 each.  It turned out that the colors were exactly the same as the colors that I used for the s'mores tags--lucky!  I glued the kit contents tag to the side of the bag (and added one staple at the top for good measure), cut out the circle tag, and tied it to the bamboo skewers with red satin ribbon.

Kit Contents:
  • 1 package of graham crackers 
  • 20 marshmallows in a clear cello sack (check your local dollar stores) 
  • 9 snack size Hershey's chocolate bars
  • 4 bamboo skewers for roasting the marshmallows over a stove plate (with an adults permission and supervision of course).
  • 'HOME' Wood Block
I thought it would be fun if the chocolate bars looked like little "brown paper packages tied up with string" so I placed them on a piece of the cardboard packaging that they came on and tied them together with some string (from Lowe's).

Last month I saw the cutest little wood block that simply said 'HOME' on it at Lovely Little Snippets and thought it would be a nice addition to the kits.  I was able to make 16 six inch blocks with one 2x3x8 that only cost $2 (that's .13 each for the wood).  I used black paint ($3 Valspar paint sample from Lowe's), contact paper for a stencil, and added a piece of burlap and string from my stash.  If you would like more detailed directions on how to make the HOME block, directions can be printed here.

I added a 'HOME' block to each kit, cut 1 sheet of tissue paper into four smaller squares (so it fit better), and they were done.  You could add another small item instead of the stenciled wood block to save time or just throw in the s'mores ingredients and leave it at that.

Do you make small gifts for your neighbors and friends for the Holidays?  Are they done or are you scrambling to finish them too???

Today's Fabulous Find...S'mores Kit with 'HOME' Block

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