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2010 Top Five and Month In Review

Just for fun, here are the top 5 most viewed posts of 2010...
(Based from September when Today's Fabulous Finds went public.  I look forward to posting a full top 10 next year!)

#5 Game Night in a Bag

#4  Fall Pumpkin Patch

#3  Thanksgiving Subway Art

#2  Christmas Subway Art

#1  Paint Stick Ornaments

 As a bonus here's one of my favorites:
Daddy Diaper Tool Belt with Poem

In the month of December I was fortunate to have some of my projects featured.  I really appreciate the mention and would like to return the favor by linking back to those who were kind enough to feature them.  Just click on the links to go directly to the home page.  I know these bloggers would love a visit! 
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Creation Corner
Today's Top 20 
Sunshine and Chaucer
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Tip Junkie Homemade Gifts
Paint Stick Ornaments
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Inspire Me Heather
Creations By Kara
Beyond The Picket Fence
Christmas Subway Art
Under the Table and Dreaming
Tator Tots and Jello
Be Different Act Normal
J and J Home
If I missed any of you please let me know so I can add your link.

As this year comes to an end, I want to say thanks to all of you!  Thanks for the support that you have shown to me by following Today's Fabulous Finds and for sharing your thoughts with me in your wonderful comments, they really make my day!  Last year at this time I was still just discovering craft blogs and never would have dreamed that I would start one of my own.  I've learned so much, especially in these last few months, and look forward to next year.   I wish you and your families the very best!

Today's Fabulous Find...Each of You!

 Happy New Year!

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Apple Streusel Cheesecake Bars--Yum!

If you've had your fill of treats already, you'll want to bookmark this one for later!  Last night I made these bars from Betty Crocker and they are delicious!   It's one of those recipes that you secretly hope your kids won't like so you'll be forced to eat them all yourself, you know, so they don't go to waste, but maybe only I do that.

I don't know how fattening they are 'cause quite honestly, I don't want to know.  Obviously, I've made no New Years resolutions yet to eat healthier.  Besides they have apples in them and apples are in the fruit group.  Yes...I can justify it. 
The recipe calls for an oatmeal cookie mix and a stick of butter for the streusel topping and crust.  The center layers are apple pie filling and a cream cheese filling, mmm.  Like I said...not looking at the calories.  I  think that they even taste good both warm and cold, another plus if you don't want to wait for them to chill.

If you haven't tried these before and want to make them you can

Print the recipe here at Betty 
 (By the way 2 out of 4 of my kids didn't want to try them...
finally their pickiness is working with me and not against me!) 

A confession:  I just got curious and peeked at the calories...still don't care. :)
Today's Fabulous Find...Apple Streusel Cheesecake Bars

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Sale on S'more Boxes!

Remember these fun little boxes that I cut windows in and used for the s'more kits

Well, they are currently on sale at Wal-mart for 50% off.  So you can buy 5 boxes for $1.50!  They come in several different sizes.  The size for the s'more kit box is 8.25" x 7" x 3.5".  If your Wal-mart has them, they should be in the seasonal Christmas section by the wrapping paper and gift sacks. 

I grabbed some today to use throughout the year.   I have plans for them.  Don't you think they would be so cute for Valentine's day with a heart window in the top of the box and cookies inside?  Really, you could cut out a shape for any egg for Easter, a star for the 4th of July, a ghost or pumpkin for Halloween.  I imagine them with a bright ribbon, a cute tag, and colored fill inside.  Anyway, I thought that I'd pass on the deal in case you are thinking of making s'more kits this summer or next year for gifts and want to save some money on the boxes.  Where they are sold in the seasonal section, you may not be able to find them later.  Wouldn't you know that now I'm regretting that I didn't pick up more of them. :)

Todays Fabulous Find...50 75% Off Sale on S'more Boxes!

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Printable January Subway Art

Christmas is over--where did the time go?  I'm still listening to Christmas music as I write this post, I'm just not quite ready to put it away yet.  I am however ready to put away my Christmas Subway Art, so I've designed a new January version, and included a version this time that you can print onto any paper, ya know in case you want to save a little ink.  ;) 


To copy the prints:  Click on the image to enlarge it into a new screen, then right click on it and either click on 'save picture as' to save it to your computer, or 'copy' to copy and paste it into a document.  The prints are designed for an 8 x 10, but can be sized easily to a 5 x 7 or other sizes in an editing program, for ex. Microsoft Word, or Microsoft Publisher.  (For Photoshop you may need to save the prints as an image to have them copy correctly.)  Copy the image into a document and then use the rulers on the sides of the screen to size the print.  (The prints in the picture below are 5 x 7's.  The words are slightly stretched, but still look good.)

For Personal Use Only

Choose your favorite color:  This image can be printed onto any paper of your choice.   You can choose a patterned scrapbook paper or whatever you like.  Lighter colors will work best.  (The color of the paper will fill in the boxes when you print it.)  If you aren't trying to save ink and just want a different background color, in a document, create a rectangle the size of the print, fill it with whatever color you like, and then move the subway art print over the top of it and print.

I'm happy to share this January Subway Art with you and hope that you will enjoy it in your home or wherever you choose to display it.  If you post about how you've used this print, please leave me a link, I'd love to come check it out!

Today's Fabulous Find...Free January Subway Art!

*I've designed a Valentine themed subway art print for February.
If you're interested, you can plan on it being posted by mid January.


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Merry Christmas!

May this season fill your home with joy,
your heart with love,
 and your life with laughter.

Happy Holidays! 

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