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Simple Berry Wreath

Happy New Year!  Hope your holidays were all that you hoped they would be.

I don't have anything too grand or exciting to share this time, just a simple berry wreath that I put together with a red berry garland (purchased for $12 on clearance) and the grapevine wreath that I borrowed from a wreath that I made last Fall.

My door is not magnetic so instead of using a heavy duty wreath magnet like I've done in the past, I stapled a 4" wide strip of burlap to the top of the door with a standard stapler and then ran a piece of duct tape over the staples to make sure they would stay put.  It's not the most glamorous method, but it can't be seen and has held strong for several weeks now.

By next January maybe I'll have more that I can set out (in addition to our DIY ant trap in the bottom left corner, oops should have moved that), but for now, I'm loving this little pop of color that helps to brighten things up on these dreary, overcast, winter days.

Today's Fabulous Find...Red Berry Winter Wreath

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