New Blog Design and Buttons!

Last night I finally found the time (and the courage) to tackle those confusing html codes and changed over to a brand new blog design!  I've been working on this design off and on for several months now, so I can't tell you what a huge relief it is that it's finished and that I didn't cause any irreversible damage to my blog in the process, lol. :)  It makes me nervous! 

If you're reading this post in a reader or by e-mail, you can click here to see the new design.

I  made new buttons to match the new header too if you'd like one. :)

Update:  I've found that the button codes won't work when I publish them in a post, so please use the button codes on my sidebar, they are working great.  Thanks. :)

Today's Fabulous Finds

Today's Fabulous Finds

In case you can't remember, this is what the old design looked like. 


I'm still tweaking things here and there, so please excuse the mess if things look a bit out of place in the coming days.  I really hope that you all like the new look 'cause there's no turnin' back now. :)

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Maureen said...

Good job! Nice and clean.

Jenny @ An Apple for the Crafter said...

Great job! It's so impressive!

Susan said...

Cool!!! You should be proud!

Deanna said...

Love the new look!

Jill said...

Nice, I like it. I'm always messing with mine. I just can't let it be.

Laina @ Vibrant Serenity said...

I love the new look! So clean and modern!

Mel said...

Looks fantastic! Bravo for tackling such a daunting task.

lynn said...

i love it, janet! i love playing around with my blog. code doesn't seem so scary (as long as i back it up first:) i put the featured button up on my blog--love it--thanks!! enjoy your weekend!

June Scott said...

Hi Janet - I love the new look! Tried to replace your "old" button, on my blog roll, with the "new", but I couldn't get it to work :( Anyone else having problems?

Janet said...

Thanks for the heads up June. :)

The buttons on the sidebar are working, I'll see if I can fix the buttons in the post.


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