"Free Ten Dollars" at JCPenney

Do you get the coupons in the mail from JCPenney that are good for $10 off of a purchase totaling $10 or more?  I get one about every 2 months and I really look forward to them!  I call them my "free ten dollars." :)  I like to see how far I can stretch them, you know, just for fun.

Anyway, I've found some pretty good deals over the years using the coupons, but this deal I think has got to be my best yet!
What I bought:  One metal (1" round) curtain rod that fits a 28"-48" wide window and two sets of clip rings.

Total retail cost:  $82.00  Ouch!

They were marked down on clearance, and then reduced again.
I used my "free ten dollars" coupon and ended up saving $80.09!!!
So if you did some quick math in your head then you already know that I only paid $1.91 total
 for the rod and two sets of rings,  $2.03 with tax.  
You better believe I felt giddy as I walked out the door. :) 

I'm not sure why some get the coupons and others don't.  It may have to do with if you have a JCPenney card or not, but I really don't know.  I have a card but never use it.  I haven't cancelled it for fear that the coupons will stop coming.  I do a lot of shopping there and every bit helps.

Ask about the $10 off a $10 purchase coupons at your local JCPenney store, it's worth the effort for sure! 

If you've happened on a great deal that made you feel all giddy, please share!

Today's Fabulous Find...JCPenney's $10 Coupon

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Stephanie said...

Great deal! I have a coupon that I need to spend!

farmhouse-story said...

such a great deal, janet! last year, my lowes, marked down a jenn air convection oven (reg. $1450) to $250!!

they left off the "1"--it was suppose to say $1250--i will never get a better deal!

Rachel said...

I LOVE those coupons too! I've gotten so many cute things for my daughter with them. Last time I got her 2 tee-shirt onsies, a sweater and a skirt for this comimg fall all for about 2 dollars! It was about 50 dollars in savings!

Rita's Recipes said...

I did a post on my huge savings at JCP about a year ago.Similar to yours.
I haven't received one of those coupons in a long while.
I sure could use one.

Janet said...

To Lynn: That's an amazing deal! You're right, it's unlikely you'll ever top that. :)

Janet said...

To Rachel: That's a great deal on clothes! You got a lot!

Lynette said...

Congrats on your great deal! My deal's are more like 50% off. I guess I should look around more before I buy. :)


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