Before and After: Picture Frame, Part One

I found this shadow box picture at the thrift store for only $4.00.  I liked the frame, especially the inside part of it.  It made me think of beadboard. 

I started by taking the back off.  The staple remover worked great.  I used the needle nose pliers to grab the staples that didn't come right out.

I was sooo glad that when I took the back off that I didn't find any spiders or other gross surprises.  I was a bit worried about it.  This is what it looked like inside:

Next, I lightly sanded the wood.

I had read somewhere that you could use baby wipes to clean the dust off after sanding.  I tried it, but it didn't work so well for me.  The wipes caught on the wood and left fibers behind.  I think next time I will just wipe it down with an old rag.

I primed it with Krylon spray primer.  It worked well, but it would have helped if today wasn't so windy.  I'm thinking that I shouldn't be painting on a windy day, but where I live if I waited for it to stop blowing I'd never paint!

I had to tape paper over the glass because it was glued in.

The primer dried very quickly so I sprayed the white paint right on (two coats), distressed it some, and then sprayed on a coat of clear sealant spray.

At this point I have to decide what color to paint the outer edge of the frame.  The color will depend on where I decide to hang it and what I put inside.  It's going to take some thought!

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