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A Few Fabulous Finds

With Easter coming, I thought I'd remind you about the free printable vintage paper dolls I featured  awhile back. They could be fun additions to a girls Easter basket.  There are sooo many choices!

Have you seen the cute bunny tail printable at Eighteen 25?  So cute!  They have a couple of variations.

The other day I saw these 72 hours kits that Missy put together for her kids at How Does She.  She included everything in her kits that her kids would need in an emergency.   You might want to check them out.  They could easily be adapted for adults as well.

Today's Fabulous Finds...Paper Dolls, Bunny Tails,
and 72 Hour Kits

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grammy and papi said...

Thank you for sharing the paper doll printables, they are adorable.

Have a God Filled Day

Alison@howdoesshe said...

Thanks for featuring the 72 hour kits! Fun list!!!


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