Simple Beaded Bracelets

I really don't have any experience with beaded jewelry, so when my daughter wanted to make bracelets with her friends I had absolutely no clue what supplies I needed to buy, or even how to make a beaded bracelet (that is other than stringing a single strand of beads on some elastic).  I lucked out big time and found a beaded bracelet tutorial with pictures and easy directions.   I can tell you that this bracelet is simple enough that girls age 6 (with some help) and up can make them.  I had to put the clasp on for the girls, but they did all of the beading themselves.

This is the bracelet that my daughter made.  I just love the bright colors she chose!

They came up with their own original designs and not one of the girls was stressed out because it was too hard, they all had a fun time.  I think they were all done making them within 30-40 minutes.  Because this pattern uses small beads, it helps to keep the cost down.  You can even buy beads at some dollar stores.

Bracelet Tutorial at Craftideas.info

This is a great bracelet pattern for beginners.  Just turn on some music and it can be so relaxing and fun!

Today's Fabulous Find...A Simple Beaded Bracelet

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Tina said...

My grand-daughter and I love crafting together! These bracelets will be perfect to make together! Thank you for sharing!

Karen said...

Cute! My 9 yr. old would love this. Thanks Janet:)

Sharon at Momof6 said...

I cut and paste this into Evernote! I will try these with my daughters this summer- ages 5 and 7. Thanks!


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