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Paint Stick Snowman {Tutorial}

After I cut the paint sticks down to make the Printable Christmas Tree Ornaments I was left with a bunch of tops.  Wanting to find a fun use for them, I decided to make them into little snowmen and a 'snowgirl' too! 

The snowmen are pretty simple to make, my two youngest kids each made one.  They picked out their own fabric, painted them, and drew the faces on by themselves.  My son thought it would be fun to color his green. :)  I helped with hot gluing the hat and scarf on.  We glued magnets on the back of them so they can use them to hang up the pictures they draw. 

(I apologize for the poor picture quality in this post, they were taken with my video camera.)

How to make a paint stick snowman...
  1. Cut a paint stick top to 4" long and paint it ivory or white.  Add brown paint on the edges, see step 4.  (There's no need to round the top of the stick, I sanded this one at the experimental stage of the design.) 
  2. Cut a strip of fabric for the scarf and a rectangle piece for the hat. (I used fabric scraps from other projects.)
  3. Turn the rectangle up at the bottom, put some glue on the paint stick at the bottom of the hat, and wrap the fabric around to the back and overlap it.  Hot glue the overlap shut.  Tie a piece of jute in a knot around the top of the hat. Wrap a piece of wire (or a ribbon) around the top of the hat, twist it in the back and then pull the loop up for the hanger. 
  4. Use a fine tip sharpie marker to draw the face on.  (I ran a google search on snowmen clip-art to get some ideas of how to draw the faces.)  I used paint on a rag for the rosy cheeks and the nose.  Put a thin piece of fabric over your finger, dip it in paint, blot it until it's nearly dry and then gently rub the paint on for the cheeks.  Add some dark brown on the edges of the snowman using this same method. 
You can use an orange marker to color in the carrot nose.

 This one makes me smile!   The hat turned out so poofy. 

And here we have the 'snowgirl'.  She's my favorite. 

The little berries and curly twigs were part of a wall hanging, I just 'borrowed' a few.  The burlap is from a 2 yard piece that I bought several months's the burlap that just keeps on giving.  I've used it on a lot of projects and still have a large piece left.  It's hard to go wrong with burlap...and it's so cheap too!

Today's Fabulous Find...Paint Stick Snowmangirl!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

What?!?  This is different! 

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Beth @ Wiccan Make Some Too said...

So cute! Gonna go get some paint sticks from Home Depot tomorrow! Poof on over to Wiccan Make Some Too when you have time & say hi.

Grannys Attic said...

So cute! Went by Lowes last week and got some FREE paint sticks for a Christmas project for my daddy to make for his grandkids. I will have to show this to him. (His health is bad) so this will be a great project for him. Blessings, Vicky

Charlotte said...

What a great idea! Thanks for all of your great tips!

Jamiecrafts said...

I just found your blog and LOVE every thing. i am a follower now and cant wait to try some of your ideas out :)

Alethia said...

This is such a cute idea! I will share this with my network members at Sew Much Talent! I will provide a link back to your website for the tutorial, thanks for sharing!!

Here's the link, just scroll down until you see your snowmen. :)

Fowl Single File said...

I've gotta get me some burlap. It's perfect for your snowpeople and, like you said, so much more! They look great and cute and all that other good stuff!

Kristine said...

Just wanted to say thank you for the tutorials. I am in the process of making the paint stick ornaments and snowmen. They are looking great thanks to your generous tutorials. I blogged about my snowmen and posted a pic there. I am a new follower but will be coming back often for inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us.

Kristine at

Janet said...

In reply to Kristine: Thanks for sharing the link to your snowmen, they are adorable! I love how you made the scarves too. Very cute! Your Grandchildren will love them.

Unknown said...

Such a cute idea! I think I'll help my two children do these!

karanmi said...

Just happened to find your blog and want to say I love it. Great ideas and you make things look very easy with simple directions of should I say very detailed instructions. I love these little snowmen and will definately want to get more paint sticks when I go town tomorrow. Loved the printables for St. Pats. along with the other ideads there. Great job you have found another follower.

Anonymous said...

That's so great! And leftovers from the other project. I love these! You've opened my imagination up a little.

Janet said...

To desertskyquilts: I love to hear that! :)


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