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Whose Game Is It Anyway? (Group Game)

Okay, I mentioned that we played a wacky (but really fun) game, that six of us on the game committee made up, for the entertainment at our Relief Society Dinner.  I'm going to share the basic idea with you and then if you ever want to play it you can adapt it to fit the occasion.  It could be a lot of fun to play at a family get-together/reunion so keep that in mind as you read through the post.

The name of the game is "Who's Game is it Anyway?"  It's a conglomeration of  a bunch of games all pulled together into one:  "Who's Line is it Anyway? (the title), Jeopardy, Minute To Win It, Pictionary, Family Feud, Monopoly, and The Price Is Right.  It's also loosely based on the board game Cranium.

We set it up for four teams, but you could have as few as two.  The game board has five colors.  Four of the colors each represent a different game and the fifth color is wild.  For example:  Green-Family Fued, Blue-Jeopardy, Pink-Minute To Win It, Yellow-Pictionary, Purple-Wild (choice of which of the four games they want to play).

What you'll need:
  • A host and a 'Barkers Beauty' (to assist the host and present the prizes) who are dressed up funny with big hats, old prom dresses, etc., with made up names.
  • CD with the theme music of the game shows:  Jeopardy, Family Fued, Minute to Win It, and The Price is Right.  I found them all at Amazon MP3.
  • 25 large colored paper squares, 5 each of 5 different colors for the game board
  • Masking or duct tape for the start line
  • 4 Objects to use as markers, like in Monopoly.  For example:  A shoe, an iron, a stuffed animal, a toy, etc.
  • 4 Small White Boards and dry erase markers for Jeopardy
  • 2 Large Chalk boards or 4 large dry erase boards
  • 5 or 6 Brown paper bags with all of the necessary items inside to compete in a Minute To Win It challenge
  • 4 Bells or buzzers for Family Fued
  • 1 or 2 large dice made from a square cardboard box

We discovered a few flaws with the rules, so we took the liberty of making up a few as we went.  It was fun!  We wanted to involve as many people as possible, so the teams competed against each other after every roll of the dice.

How to Play:

Roll the die to see who goes first.

The first team rolls the dice to see how many spaces the teams are playing for.  Let's say that they rolled a five and landed on the color yellow, which is Pictionary.  Each team sends one person up to draw while the other team members try to guess what they are drawing first.  The first team to finish the challenge takes/steals the points.  The winning team moves ahead the 5 spaces and then rolls the dice.  They keep moving forward until someone beats them at a challenge, then that team rolls the dice.

Here is where the game can be adapted.  We focused the questions around the history of the Relief Society, using questions from Daughters In My Kingdom (a book about the history and work of the Relief Society) for Jeopardy (Download the Daughters In My Kingdom Jeopardy questions here.), a survey I found online with church related answers (This survey would be great also.) for Family Fued, and related words for Pictionary.  For a family get-together/reunion, you could use your own family history, or survey family members and use their answers for Family Fued or just search 'family fued game' and there are many free survey results to choose from.  

For the Minute to Win-it challenges, I played the 'blueprint' music, which happened to be just over one minute long.  When a player finished, or the music ended,  the challenge was over.  Some of the challenges were:  stacking 6 dice on the end of a Popsicle stick that you are holding in your mouth, stacking cups, blowing cups off of the table with a balloon, etc.  We didn't have any challenges that would embarrass anyone.

For Family Fued, the first person to buzz in said their answer first, if it was the top answer they automatically took the points.  If not, the other teams gave an answer and the top answer won.  Jeopardy was played the same way.  Each team sent up one person, the answer was read by the host, and the first person to write the question down on their white board correctly and turn it around took the points.  These two games were a little tricky to play with four teams so we had two judges who had the final word.

After the first team crosses the finish line (or when time is up), the top two teams compete against each other in The Price Is Right Showcase Showdown.  The showcases might include:  a washer and dryer set (a washcloth and dish towel), a new car (red Matchbox convertible), $800,000 (package of 8- 100 Grand candy bars), etc.  Be creative with the showcase items.   They bid on the cost of the item if they were to buy it in real life (not from the dollar store).  Follow the rules of the showcase showdown for bidding.

I'm sure that I left some things out, but these directions are already feeling pretty long!  If you have any questions, or if anything doesn't make sense, please ask.  The game takes some set-up time, but it's a fun one to play in a large group if you want to involve everyone and give them a chance to work together.

 Today's Fabulous Find...
The Game Show Music--it Really Made the Game!

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Lori Reay said...

Thanks for the post! It looks like you really put a lot of work into getting this set up! I think my women's ministry group would really enjoy this. We played an adaptation of Family Feud once calling it "Sister Feud". It turned out to be one of our best ever events. Thanks so much for sharing.

Karen said...

Sounds like a fun game and a great way to get to know each other as well! Thanks for sharing Janet:)

Francine said...

Janet - thanks for sharing this game. It sounds like lots of fun! We have a family reunion coming up, so I know what I'll be getting together for the party!

Lynette said...

This game looks like a ton of fun! Thanks for sharing.

Jessica Walser said...

I so want to do something like this for our rs! Would you mind sharing the questions your asked for the family fued part?

Erinn said...

Such a great idea! We did this last night and it was lots of fun. Thanks for putting this out there so we could piggyback on your success!

Janet said...

You're welcome Erinn, I'm glad you had fun with it!

Hailey said...

THIS sounds soooo fun!!!! I am in charge of our Relief Society Meetings now, and I would love to do this! Do you happen to have the questions and answers that you used for the Jeporady part- that goes hand in hand with the book???
Also, where did you find the survey for the "family fued" portion???

If you have any more information- I would so appreciate it, my email is

Thanks again for the AWESOME idea!

Alisha said...

This looks like so much fun! I would love to do this as a combined activity with our Young Women some time - I think they'd love it! Thanks so much for sharing!

Janet said...

To Alisha: Your welcome. :) I think they would have a lot of fun with it too!

Patti said...

Love this idea for the game. What did you do with the playing pieces (iron, teddy bear, etc)? Did those move around on the papers? Thanks

Janet said...

Thanks Patti! Yes, you guessed right, team members took turns moving them around on the paper board just like game pieces on a board game.

Michelle Bell said...

Janet this idea is amazing! Is there any way you could contact me, I would love the questions you used from the book daughters in my kingdom. As well what survey did you use? If you could help me out that would be fantastic!

Janet said...

To Michelle: I just added a link to the Jeopardy questions and the survey in the post. I'm glad you asked, I've been meaning to add them for awhile now and kept forgetting to. Hope you enjoy the game!

Nortons said...

Thanks for the fun idea! So creative! About how long did it take to play?

Janet said...

I think we probably played it for 35-45 minutes maybe? You could set a time limit and whichever two teams are ahead when the time is up would move on to the showcase showdown round. Hope you have fun with it!

Unknown said...

hi, this sounds unbelievable. i want to do it for my day camp. how many kids did you have on each team and what did you mean when you say that you asked game questions based on the specific game? does that mean that each color square represented a different game and when they landed on a specific color it corresponded to a specific game?

Janet said...

Hi Ettie, sorry it took so long to get back with you, I was on vacation. We probably had around 10 people on each team, but you could do more or less than that and it would still be okay, the teams work together a lot of the time. You are right, each square represented a different game. Have fun!

Never a Dull Moment.... said...

Hi, can you tell me how you earn points? Do you give them the number they rolled and moved around the board as the points that were awarded?

Janet said...

To Never a Dull Moment: Hi! It took me a few minutes to remember, it's been awhile. :) The dice is rolled and the teams challenge each other, the team that wins moves ahead the number of spaces that was rolled on the dice. We put a tally on the chalkboard every time a team went completely around the game board. So if team 'iron' went around the board three times they would have three tally marks by their name. If team 'teddy bear' had gone around the board two times they would have two tally marks by their team name. At the end of the time alotted the team that had gone around the board the most times (the most tally marks on the board or if it's a tie the tally marks plus the additional spaces they moved on the board) was the winner. I'm sure there are several ways you could keep score, this seemed like the simplest way for us. Hope this helps, let me know if you have any more questions!


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