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Kids Boredom Buster: 'Ping Pong Pan' Game with Free Printable

This is a simple and fun (last minute) game that I put together for our end of the year party at Cub Scouts--I'm calling it Ping Pong Pan (I know, pretty creative right?).  There were children there from ages 5 to 10 who played and they all did really well!  In fact, one of the youngest players earned the highest score in one round. This game would be fun to play at a classroom party (could use multiple muffin pans for a large group) or at home over the Winter break as a boredom buster.

Ping Pong Pan
Fun for all ages
Supplies Needed:

  • Muffin Pan (Really doesn't matter if it's old and stained or brand spankin' new, the kids won't care.)
  • 6 Ping Pong Balls (Draw targets with a Sharpie marker on two of them.)
  • Printable Sign and Point Circles (Printed on card stock and taped to the bottom of the muffin cups.)
  • 2 Popsicle Sticks (Tape them to the sign and then to the edge of the muffin pan)
For Personal Use Only

The Rules:
  • Stand behind a piece of tape on the floor (placed approx. 5 to 6 ft. back).  Throw all 6 ping pong balls, one at a time, however you like (they can bounce on the ground or off of the sign first) and try to get them to land in the muffin cups.
  • If a ball with a bulls-eye lands in a cup with a bulls-eye, double the score (40 points).  If both bulls-eyes land in the center bulls-eye cups in one turn, double your entire score for that round. 
  • Add up the points at the end of your turn and add your score to your previous points (very good for sneaking in some math skills!)
  • Play for a predetermined number of rounds or set a time limit.

Have fun!

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Kids Boredom Buster: Ping Pong Pan Game with Free Printable

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