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Welcome to Today's Fabulous Finds!

Hello! My name is Janet.  
I am a SAHM to four children and have been married to a great guy who has put up with my project clutter now for 15 years!
I love making crafts, sewing for my kids, trying new recipes, gardening, decorating, home re-modeling, and making invitations, newsletters, name it, on the computer.
I don't love washing dishes...

...eating fish...

...or swimming.
Blogging is new to me and I’m loving it!  I'm constantly blown away by all of the great things I am finding 'out there'. You bloggers are truly talented and inspiring!
This blog is a way for me to share my excitement in the fabulous things that I find almost daily and how these finds help me create little treasures of my own.
I hope you see something here that you find fabulous too!
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misslissa said...

i just found your blog and after reading only a few of your posts I love it... so I am starting from the beginning and going all the way through.... I don't want to miss a thing :)

Janet said...

To misslissa: Thank you for your super sweet comment! I finally decided on how I want to make up a menu of all of my past projects. I'm sorry I don't have it done, it would have made it so much easier and faster for you to browse through older posts. :)


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