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Mystery Makeover: Before and After Plant Stand?

Last Saturday I found this fabulous little treasure at the local thrift store.

Isn't it lovely? (she said sarcastically) For only $1.50 it was worth a try to fix it up.

I went to Lowe's and bought a can of Rustoleum oil rubbed bronze spray paint...

and look at it now...

Can I just say that I REALLY love to spray paint?

And I REALLY love to see the finished product!

That's it, I'm hooked.

Now I just have to decide if I will put it outside like originally planned...

or maybe I'll leave 'her' where she is and add some books to the bottom rack..hmmm...


After taking a closer look at this 'plant stand' I realized that something was missing on the ends of the legs.  I thought that maybe I could put some rubber chair leg ends (if that's what you call them) onto the bottom of the legs and it would work fine. 
I was out and about (two weeks after I bought it) and thought that I'd make a quick stop by the same thrift store to see if there were any treasures there to fix up.  I was browsing when you'll never believe what I found...the bottom part of my 'plant stand'.  There it was in all of it's ugly glory, just sitting there waiting for me to reunite it with it's better half.  Two dollars and 50 cents later, I had it in hand and was walking out the door in amazement.
Then the thrill come to a screeching halt. here's the problem. 
The bottom doesn't sit flat on the ground, it wobbles.  Not a great thing when you want it to hold a pot full of dirt!  Here's another thing, I'm thinking that this is not a plant stand.  If I had thought about it, I would have realized that pots need a flat bottom to sit on.  So now I'm wondering what this thing is for...rolled up towels maybe?  In my excitement to fix it up I looked over the obvious, which would be it's actual function.  Live and learn. 
But I'll figure out something to use if for, yes I will!  Do you know what it's used for?

Here it is in all of it's glory.

And here is the bottom section on its own:

Seriously, if you have an idea of what it's used for or have an idea of what you would use it for leave me a comment!  I may try some artificial plants in it (no dirt that could spill).

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Randi said...

I think it's beautiful. I too am quite the fan of the Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint. It's addicting!
Maybe you can use it to hold rolled towels or wash cloths, and put other bathroom supplies in the middle.
Or use it to hold tiny firewood logs or pinecone fire starters
Or keep it as a plant stand, maybe adding a small piece of plexi to flatten out the curve without ruining the curve lines of the piece
Good luck!

Michelle said...

I think the bottom would be great for holding small sticks of wood if you have a fire place.

Anonymous said...

Use it as two separate plant stands!!


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