Garage Sale Finds!

I'm pretty excited about the great deals that I just got at a neighborhood garage sale.  Every item that I bought was one that I had already wanted to buy. 

Here are my great finds:

Decorative Iron Wall Decor:  $1.00 EACH!

 Expandable Curtain Rods with hanging clips:  $5.00 FOR ALL FOUR! 

I'll need to buy the mounting brackets which are $4.00 per pair but it's still a good deal.  The hanging clips alone would have cost around $10-$15.

Two LARGE Shelves (45" long, 7" deep):   $5 FOR BOTH OF THEM!

Watch for their upcoming transition to black.  I have an idea of how I want to fancy them up a bit, I can't wait to start!

Bad picture, great deal!

Two four drawer file cabinets in great condition:  $17.50 EACH!

Grand Total:  $47 

I estimate that if I bought these items new it would have cost me close to three hundred buck-a-roos!

I love getting a great deal! 

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Susan...myhomeroad.blogspot.com said...

I Love Garage Sales! I could spend hours at a garage sale just thinking about what I could do with all the great finds! I love the curtain rod deal! I'm following.. check me out


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