Do You Snip?

Are you familiar with the snipper tool?  If not, you should check out.  I first heard of it here at  http://www.dittledattle.blogspot.com/.  Do you ever want to copy or print just one part of what you see on the screen?  With the snipper tool you can highlight just the area you want and print it, e-mail, save it, or send it to Microsoft Word, etc. 
This is a section I took from my blog.  (You can even change the border color.)


Here's how it's done:
 1. Click on the Windows start-up button (bottom of screen).
2. Click on 'all programs'.
3.  Find the accessories folder and click on it.
4.  Scroll down and click on the snipping tool.  The cursor will change, allowing you to highlight the area you want to copy.  When you've highlighted it, let go of the button. 
5.  Wait and a snipping tool box will come up and give you options of what you can choose to do next.
6.  Click on copy, open your Windows program, and then paste it.  You can also right click on it and then click on 'save as' to save it as a jpeg.
  It's really quite easy to use and handy too!  

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