How to Rollover a Picture and Before and After Clock

Have you been on a site where they have the picture set up so you can move your mouse over it and it changes to another picture?  I just assumed that it was high tech and above my newbie blogger abilities.  Well it turns out that it's really not that hard to do.  Beth at The Stories of A2Z shows how to do it as well as The Pioneer Woman. 

You first start out with a simple code: 

You can copy and past the code at The Stories of A2Z.  
One thing I learned was that it was necessary to size the picture in Photobucket first before I copied the direct link into the code.  Just paste the edited code directly into your blog post.
It's actually that easy!  Go ahead, move your mouse over the picture.

Now on to the clock:

Do you have any wedding gifts that you have held onto for 10, 15, or maybe even 20 years or more?  This clock was a wedding gift and I actually had it on the wall in my daughters room for awhile and then it got packed away in a box and was forgotten.  I came accross it the other day and decided to give it a new look.  If it turned out really awful I wasn't out anything so why not try.

Here's how I did it:
1. Removed the clock hands.
2.  Painted the clock frame. (This one is laminate.  I didn't sand or prime it and the paint held.  I was lucky.)
3.  Cut the new picture to fit the shape of the frame.  (Because the original picture was glued onto the frame, I pressed tissue paper down inside the frame to make a pattern.
4.  Cut out the new picture and inserted it into the clock frame.  (Because I may want to change the picture later, I only tacked it on with a glue stick.  The edges of the picture slide under the frame some to hold it in place.
5.  Sprayed over the picture and frame with a clear gloss finish spray. (2 or 3 coats on the picture)
6.  Added numbers to the clock.  (I traced the numbers, from the old picture, onto the tissue paper I used as my pattern and then used it as a guide to transfer the number placement over to the new picture.  It worked really well.)  These numbers are actually stickers used for scrapbooking.
7.  Replaced the clock hands.

The best part about this clock is it was FREE, it cost me absolutely nothing to change. I already had everything I needed!  Do you have something lurking around your house you'd like to update? 

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