Featuring: Recipe for Cookie Dough That's Safe to Eat!

Okay, I'm really excited about this find.  I LOVE the taste of cookie dough, but choose not to eat it with raw eggs.  I love it, but not enough to risk getting sick from eating it.  I've made cookie dough before with the intention of eating it raw and left the eggs out, but the texture of the dough was never quite right.  Colette at My Computer is My Canvas has developed a recipe that I can't wait to try.  She didn't stop at making the cookie dough, she went one step further and rolled it in chocolate.  Mmm, yummy!

(Picture is from My Computer is My Canvas)

Click here for the printable recipe and her cookie dough tips.  
 This blog also has A LOT of great tips on digital scrapbooking and blog design.  You might want to check it out. 

While you're there taking a look, click on 'find and install fonts'.  It will link you to an amazing site called ScrapVillage.com.  You will be in awe at all of the cute FREE fonts you'll find!  Here's the direct link if you just want to hurry right on over! 

Edited to add:  We tried the cookie dough, click here for five things we learned.

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