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New Fonts in Blogger

Have you noticed that Blogger added new fonts to their template designer?  They added around 80 of them.  (I may have lost count, but 80 is pretty close.) 

Edited to add:  How to find the new fonts

If you use a New Blogger template then click on design at the top of your blog, then click on template designer at the left.  Click on advanced, also on the left, then on the text you want to change.  For example you can change your page text, gadget titles, post titles, etc.  Next scroll through the fonts.  Click on the font that you want to use and preview it below to see how it will look on your blog.  If you like it and want to use it, click on 'apply to blog' in the upper right-hand corner.  If you want to leave the template designer WITHOUT saving any of your new changes click on 'back to blogger' in the upper right corner.

I had no idea the new fonts were added until I read about it at Sassy Sanctuary.  It's kind of exciting news for those of us who design our own blogs.  Go take a look!

Today's Fabulous Find...New Blogger Fonts
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Jenifer said...

where do you find the fonts?? I Love playing around with the fonts. Thanks!

Melanie Bacom said...

Thank you. I changed it!

Mixed Media/ Altered Crafts said...

Great Thanks!

Pink Princess said...

I KNEW about it, but never used it lol and duh. Might change it as to play around with

The Curvy Girl said...

Thank you for posting this!!!!!

farmhouse-story said...

i had no idea about this-thanks so much:)

Sonja said...

Thanks so much , I changed mine. What fun!


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