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Found 4 More Prints!

So when I posted the prints for the little printable sign yesterday I kind of forgot that I had these prints as well.  You see I designed all of these prints for the little wood sign over a year ago.  Rather than to have them get lost and forgotten (again) in a file somewhere I thought I'd post them for anyone who'd like to use them. 

I was asked which fonts I used for the quotes so I've listed them below each print and have added them to the two in yesterday's post as well.
My very favorite place to go for free fonts is 
They have some of the cutest fonts you'll find and they are all free!
They have an excellent tutorial on how to download a font to your computer as well.

I've also had good luck with

All Prints are for Personal Use Only
Once again, if you save or copy any of these prints please do me a favor and click on 'going on my list of things to make' at the bottom of the post.  Thanks!

 Fonts:  Scriptina and CAC Futura Casual
 Font:  Girls are Weird and OptimusPrinceps

Fonts:  Scriptina and CAC Futura Casual

Font:  Girls are Weird   *This design can be printed onto colored card stock or scrapbook paper.

Today's Fabulous Find...Free Fonts at Kevin and Amanda!

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Debbie said...

I reallyl love the blue daisy one! This is on my must do list!!! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us =)

Anonymous said...

Very nice. thank you

Erin said...

I love these! Thanks so much for sharing!

karanmi said...

Loved each one. And right now I really needed the Joshua 1-9. I have a granddaughter who is graduating May 1st from college and will be heading off to Chricago to Grad school. I am going to do that one for her apartment and also the dreams do come true one for here graduation. Both very fitting for her at this time.

Venus said...

Thank you for the lovely prints. They're perfect for little gifties for the ladies in my small sewing group. said...

Help...How do I download???

Kellie said...

I love all of these. Many Thanks :)

Janet said...

You're welcome Kellie!

Unknown said...

I'm using the friend/stars print to make a sign for my best friend that moved away. Love your ideas!!

Janet said...

Thanks Kelly! Sorry your friend moved away.:(


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