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Printable Paint stick Ornaments, Names of Christ, Spanish Version

Over the last few years I've received several requests for a Spanish version of the Names of Christ templates for my paint stick ornaments. The problem? I don't speak any Spanish. Recently though Lori Keller offered to put a list together for me of the names of Christ in Spanish with the help of her husband Bennett. With this list I was finally able to create another template for anyone who would like to make the ornaments with the Names of Christ in Spanish. I'm so grateful for their help and so excited to be able to share this with you!

If you are interested in the printable templates please click on the link below which will take you to the original post with all of the information about the paint stick ornaments. Scroll almost to the bottom of the post for the link to the Spanish Version.

Today's Fabulous Find...Spanish Version!

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Francesca Lopez said...

Awesome! LOve these and will be making them for next year. The download doesn't include the names of Christ. Do you have that link?

Janet said...

Thanks Francesca! If you click on the link above and then scroll to the very end of the post all of the links to the Names of Christ templates are there. Let me know if you have any problems. :)

Unknown said...

Hi..I just got your link. Love the great idea. Can't wait to try to make it this Christmas...Thanks for sharing🙏


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