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Featuring: Bird Nest Necklace (Tutorial) and A Few Things

I've always loved bird nest necklaces, but never once did it ever cross my mind to make one.  Not once.  Ever.  Laura at Live.Laugh.Photograph is a clever one though, not only did she think to make a bird nest necklace, she made this gorgeous one!

Laura has generously written a step by step tutorial on how to make a bird nest necklace (with pictures) that is simple and easy to follow.   I think my heart raced a little when I realized she was going to show me how to make it!  Is it too early to be thinking about Christmas gifts? :)

My thanks to Laura for allowing me to share her necklace with you today!

Today's Fabulous Find...
How To Make A Bird Nest Necklace

A few things...

  • Do you have any colors besides the traditional red, white, and blue, that you would like to see the 4th of July Subway Art posted in?  (I'm choosing the colors today.)
  • What are some of your favorite summer words/colors?  I would love your suggestions for the Summer Subway Art!
  • I've had a few more of my job cards peel (they may be some that I missed when I fixed them before) and am wondering if it would have been best to print them on regular printer paper instead of photo/card stock paper.  I think the thickness of the paper is what caused the laminating to not seal as well.  What has worked the best for you when laminating pieces that will be used often?
Any and all suggestions will be appreciated! :)

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Rebecca said...

What are some of your favorite summer words/colors? I would love your suggestions for the Summer Subway Art!

Colors - orange, yellow, turquoise

Words - Pool time!, Lazy Days, Camp, Homemade Ice Cream, Parades

Stephanie said...

I used to laminate a lot as a teacher and I found that regular paper worked better than the card stock.

Summer words: sprinkler, picnics, smores.

farmhouse-story said...

love nest necklace, janet!-so sweet! vacation, beach,
red, pink, green

Inspired By June said...

Janet, thanks so much for sharing this! (I also thanked Laura!) Re: the laminating... I laminate pretty frequently using photo paper and card stock without any problem, so I'm guessing these might be ones you missed, or fixed from your previous post. In other words, from my experience, I would say it's not the papers you're using... remember to laminate first, then cut! Hope that helps!

Janet said...

Thanks for the laminating tip June. I'm wondering too if the laminating machine sometimes causes the problems as well, for ex. if it's not hot enough.

Thanks everyone for your summer word/color suggestions, please keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

Such a very sweet, sweet necklace Janet.

My summer words: cottage - sea shells - flip flops - tan :)

wilonestar said...

I love your subway art, and as for words or colors, I always decorate for the whole summer in patriotic. This covers me for Mem. Day, the 4th and then Labor day. So I use red, white and blue. Thank you also for making the Mothers day in black/red. I always have than color in my kitchen and LOVE IT!!

Janet said...

In reply to wilonestar: You're welcome for the Mother's Day print. You'll have plenty of red, white, and blue prints for the summer too, I just posted eleven of them. :)

Laura @ live.laugh.photograph said...

Hi Janet! thank you again for featuring this on your wonderful blog! xoxo

Unknown said...

The birds nest is so cute! For summer colors I love bright shades of aqua, yellow and pink!


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