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There was a recent update that has caused my Google Doc links to stop working. Please send me a request for access to the files until I can get them up and running again. I will grant you access through the email as soon as I am able to, thank you!


A Few You May Have Missed

I have several eight (possibly more) projects that I'm currently working on and not one of them is finished, photographed, and ready to share.  Sooo...while I'm working on finishing them up, I thought I'd link to a few posts that you may have missed... 

Photo/Recipe Holder

Tooth Fairy Pillows
This cute pillow was made by my sister for her daughter.

Reusable Gift Sack/ $6 Children's Gift Idea

Thanks to those of you who left suggestions for words and colors for my summer subway art print, I'm hoping to post it sometime next week.
Have a fun weekend!

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farmhouse-story said...

i hadn't seen the toothfairy post--love yours and your nieces pillows--so sweet! have a great weekend, janet!

Anita at Cedar Hill said...

Great ideas! I am a new follower!! Love all of your ideas.


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