I Love My Electric Sander!

Last week I tackled the task of sanding 42 of these 2x8 blocks of wood.  They were for the photo blocks we made at our ladies craft and dinner night at my church this last Tuesday.  (It was so fun!)

Two years ago I bought my first electric sander and have loved it ever since.  It's a SKIL 2.8A 5in. Random Orbit Sander.  Since it's the only one I've ever owned, I can't compare it to other sanders available, but I've used it countless times and it has run perfectly every time.  I especially love the pressure control feature and the sawdust catcher, even though it doesn't catch all of the sawdust, it helps a ton.  Just thought I'd share, in case anyone is in the market for one. 

Without fail, within the first few minutes of sanding, one or more of these little guys shows up.  I think the sawdust must draw them in.  This little wasp walked around where I was sanding for I think almost an hour, maybe more, but didn't ever bother me once.  Usually I have them swarming my head, which is really not such a good thing when you're working with a power tool.  He was being a good little house guest though, so I let him stay and watched him for entertainment. :)  Sanding is so boring, don't you think?

It took me two hours to sand all of these blocks, which really wasn't too long considering the wood was all builders grade pine with plenty of imperfections.  Can you see the sander sitting on a rug on the left in the photo?  I have an old Christmas door mat that I use all of the time to kneel on when I'm sanding or working on projects out on the patio.  I use it on the grass, when the grass is still wet from the sprinklers to keep my jeans dry, it works great!

Do you have an electric sander that you love, or another power tool that you just couldn't go without?  Please share! :)

Today's Fabulous Find:  Skil Random Orbit Sander

*The Halloween Subway Art is all done and I'm so excited to share it with you!  It's already one of my favorites!  As soon as I find some time to get the post written, I'll have it up.   I've had a busy week and unfortunately blogging wasn't top priority and had to be put on hold.  It will be up by Saturday for sure! :)

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Amanda said...

Thank goodness for power tools, imagine having to sand them all by hand! Its odd that wasps are attracted to the sanding, I always seem to attract them when using spray paint, funny little fellows!

Janet said...

In Reply to Amanda: Me too! There's nothing worse than a little bug wading through my freshly sprayed paint. I never know if I should try to get it out, or just leave it be. :)

Our really empty nest said...

Hi Janet, I am doing a laughs and crafts night for the ladies at our church tomorrow night. I want to plan one for mid to late November for Christmas crafts, my question is, do you plan on doing a christmas craft night, and if so, can i ask what crafts you have planned?? Thanks so much, Sue

Karen said...

I just got a drill press from my dad and I can't wait to use it!! My scroll saw is one of my favs too:)

Janet said...

In reply to Our Empty Nest: We won't be making crafts this Christmas, but in past years we've made my paint stick ornaments, a wall hanging that was a cutout of the word JOY with scrapbook paper Mod Podged on and then embellished. We've also made photo puzzle blocks, vinyl on tile, dishtowel aprons, and gingerbread man ornaments. The interchangeable photo/recipe blocks we made on Tuesday were fun too. Every block was different and fit the style of the person who made it. I hope this gives you some ideas.

In Reply to Karen: I would love a drill press and a scroll saw! My Dad has them so at least I am able to borrow his. What I really would love is a chop saw. :)

lynn said...

yep, i have a scroll saw-my fav, and orbit sander, like yours, janet:) my husbands stuff comes in handy, too. tfs!

InMyOwnStyle said...

I love my power tools, too. Recently someone asked me what my hubby gave me for my birthday and I told them a Dremel Drill and stand. They thought I was kidding. I had to tell them I wanted it and love it!

Enjoy your weekend.

My best- Diane

Sherree said...

Power Tools! What more needs to be said? I think that every lady needs at least one. For my anniversary one year my hubby got me a air gun with the compressor. I love it. And then every year, I get his old electric drill. Now I am able to take care of things myself. The only thing he will not let me have is the chainsaw! I think that he is afraid I would have too much fun with the trees.

BKWilliams said...

You are awesome to do all those for the project! I can't wait to see the finished project.

Janet said...

In Reply to BKWilliams: Anything to save some money. :) Here's a link to the finished project: http://todaysfabulousfinds.blogspot.com/2011/09/interchangeable-photoquoterecipe-block.html

CardStalker said...

I love power tools. Have used many different types for years, wearing some out and having to replace them.
I'd like to throw an idea out there for you... what if you sanded the length of the boards first on front, back, edges etc, then cut your cuts. This way all you have to sand is the cut edges when they are in smaller pieces. I think small pieces are harder to sand than larger.
I'm all about shortcuts. Seems like doing the whole thing would be faster? Love your project and plan to make a few. Thanks!!

Janet said...

In reply to CardStalker: You're right, sanding the boards in one long length first is easier, and I've done it that way too. I've found that most of the sanding is done on the ends though anyway. I don't have a saw at home that I can use to cut boards into smaller lengths, so in this case Lowe's was kind enough to cut them for me before I purchased the wood and brought it home. One of these days I'm hoping to buy a chop saw so I can do it all myself. Thanks for your comment! :)

CardStalker said...

awww yes. Good reason not to sand the boards all at once. : )
DEFINITELY save your dollars for a chop saw. It is one of my fav tools along with my brad nailer. They both make life much easier.


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