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DIY Children's Nativity and 100 Ideas of Christmas Wonderful!

This week I've been working on a children's nativity set to share at Design Dazzle's '100 Ideas of Christmas Wonderful' event and today is the day it's being featured.  I'd love to show you how to make one if you have a minute or two to click over and take a peek.  :) 

First, I want to tell you a little about what 100 Ideas of Christmas Wonderful is.  Toni at Design Dazzle has put together an event that is just what the title says--wonderful!  Guest bloggers will be sharing Christmas crafts, home decor ideas, kids crafts, recipes, free printables and even more, all throughout the event. 

Yesterday Toni got things rolling and showed us how she made some fun Christmas book bags to hold the books that her family reads each day throughout December, which is such a 'wonderful' tradition!

I really am looking forward to seeing all of the fun ideas that will be presented throughout this event and wanted to let you know about it so you don't miss out on some great Holiday ideas!

Today's Fabulous Find...100 Ideas of Christmas Wonderful!

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Crafty Mischief said...

This is so cute! I made a clay pot nativity with my kids last year but I think this year we'll have to make a manger to go with it! Thanks for sharing!

EvA. . . said...

Oh how cute:) LOve it!

Lynette said...

So cute!


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