'S' Is For Spring: Mini Moss Letters

Do you have a candle that needs a little something to make it stand out?  I've got an idea to share with you today, that is not only simple to do, but will only take about 10 minutes or so to put together.

'S' is for Spring~Mini Moss Letter

What You'll Need

Wrapping Paper
Twill Tape
1/8" Ribbon
Poster Board Remnant
Green Moss
(Can use small pieces)
Clear Tape
Hot Glue

  • Cut a piece of wrapping paper, wrap it around the candle, and tape it in the back.
  • Cut a piece of 1/8" ribbon or string, loop it to the right height, and tape it to the top of the paper so the twill tape will cover the raw edges and tape.
  • Cut two pieces of twill tape or ribbon, wrap it around the candle and tape it in the back.
  •  Draw or trace around the letter onto a piece of poster board or lightweight cardboard.  Cut around it.  Add hot glue to the back side of the letter and then turn it over and glue it to the moss.  Turn the letter back over and cut around the edges to trim the moss to the edge of the poster board.  Fill in any bare spots with moss.
  • Hang the letter from the ribbon, or tape if necessary.

I wish that I had moss that was a brighter green on hand to use and may buy some and make another letter.  Overall I really like the look of it.  A mini moss letter (or a mini moss monogram) on a candle is something that could be used for any holiday really, just think about the possibilities!

I finished putting together my Spring mantel today, so I'll show you how the candle fits in with the rest of the mantel soon.  Hope you're enjoying a nice Spring day with lots of sunshine! :)

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Mini Moss Letters/Monograms

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Erin said...

I love this idea...rather than changing out my candles, I think I'll just embellish them for spring. Thanks so much.

lynn said...

not only is this pretty, but it can prolong the life of a candle that might be damaged or dis colored-love it, janet!

Karen said...

Super cute idea Janet! I would never have thought to do something like this. Awesome idea!!

Lynn said...

Very cute! This would be adorable on placecards, too, I'll bet.

Janet said...

To Lynn and Lynn :)

Both are great ideas, thanks for the suggestions!

aimee said...

it looks freat i will have to try this, i would love for you to link this up at http://www.twiggstudios.com/2012/03/sunday-show-off-and-features.html

thankyou so much xxxx


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