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Wheat Grass Centerpieces (Grown on Paper Towels)

Do you remember that I told you I was growing wheat grass for centerpieces to use at a dinner for the ladies at my church?  (We celebrate the organization of The Relief Society every March.)  My living room table was completely covered with grass for 11 days!  It was pretty much like having a small lawn in the living room!

The flowers are from the dollar store ($6 total).  Real flowers would have been wonderful, but didn't fit in our budget.  I'll tell you more about the small boxes in another post.  The grass in this picture was grown in soil.

The grass pictured below was grown on nothing more than 4 layers of wet paper towels. Pretty amazing right?   I learned how to grow it at K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Sister).  She also put together some very pretty centerpieces with wheat grass and tea cups.

Originally I was planning on putting it on a piece of Styrofoam and putting our fruit kabobs in it, but that didn't pan out, so we (me and two other friends on the committee) changed plans last minute and came up with a couple of alternative ideas.

Our first idea was to fill a plant stand with grass to hold a card with our theme for the night.  I used my trusty pair of cheapo scissors and cut through the grass roots, using a paper plate as my guide.  We cut the plate down to the right size and then flipped it over so the grass would curve the right direction (otherwise it just bunches together in the center).

The next idea was to use the leftover grass and put it in glass dishes.  We used an upside down dessert plate with an upside down paper plate on top of it (trimmed to fit) to hold it up in the dish.  The scrap pieces of grass were used to fill in the edges as needed and then we finished it off with a strip of burlap. (Please ignore the condition of the cookie sheet.  I use it for crafts, etc. and haven't baked anything on it in years--promise!)

It's hard to believe that we made all three displays from just one small cookie sheet of grass!  It worked out perfectly!

We displayed a few fruit kabobs in cups that were filled with dirt (to hold the weight of the skewer) for presentation.  I found the idea to display the fruit kabobs in grass here.

There is much more that I want to show you, but I'll save it for another post.  Here's a little peek though at how everything came together.

I can't wait to show you the rest!  You can link to my tutorial on how to grow wheat grass and build the planter boxes here.

Today's Fabulous Find...Growing Wheat Grass on a Paper Towel

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Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

How beautiful and clever! Thanks for sharing this!

Kate said...

What a great idea!! Looks fabulous, lush, and definitely says SPRING!

Rhonda @ home.made. said...

Love that you used the wheat grass for a simple, gorgeous decoration! I've been wanting to try this forever!!

Karen said...

I turned out great Janet! I love how the wheat grass looks. The whole thing came together so nicely! You are so talented:)

labbie1 said...

That is so cleaver! You have a great eye!

B's Mommy said...

Looks like Spring!! Love it!

LifeLessOrdinary said...

I've been looking for Spring subway art to print for the past few days. I couldn't find any I liked until I found yours...from a year ago, lol. I pinned it (the pic has your watermark on it) so I can put it on my Pinterest "to do" list :)'s perfect!

farmhouse-story said...

such a prefect spring idea! the grass is so fresh looking:)

Lynette said...

Your grass looks great! :)

Katelyn said...

looks beautiful!!

Tiffiny Felix said...

So, here's my question: Can you eat this? Like put it in a smoothie? I can't believe how easy it is to grow! :)

Janet said...

To Tiffany: Yes, you can add it to smoothies. I haven't tried it, but I hear you just put it right in the blender. I'm sure if you run a search there would be a bunch of recipes to choose from. Let me know how it is if you try it, I'm really curious how it tastes! :)


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