Featuring: Charger to Decorative Mirror

See those gorgeous mirrors?  Would you believe that they began as chargers?  It's true!   Kim at Sand and Sisal has come up with a genius idea on how to take an ordinary dinner plate charger and turn it into a beautiful piece of art.  You have to see the before pictures!

My thanks to Kim for her permission to use this photo.  Please pin this image from the original post.

Today's Fabulous Find...How to Turn a Charger into a Mirror

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Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza) said...

These would make lovely presents for newlyweds!

Janet said...

They really would, great idea!

lynn said...

very pretty idea-tfs, janet:)

Kim Wilson said...

Thanks for the feature! I appreciate it! ~ KIM @ Sand & Sisal


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