Personalized Teacher Subway Art

Teacher Appreciation Week this year is May 7th-11th. 

Last year I made up a subway art print that can be personalized for each individual teacher, I thought I'd share it again this year.  The prints have a blank space where you can add the teacher's name and several have a blank square in the center to add an image of your choice-- it could be the school mascot, a character that the teacher loves, a picture, whatever you like. 

What to Do With It

You can print the subway art and frame it, use it as a card or tag, attach it to a square box of Kleenex's for their desk, put it inside a bottle of anti-bacterial soap, use it as the cover of a keepsake book....

Before I gave the subway art to my kid's teachers last year, I cut out pictures of all of the kids in the class in a circle about the size of a quarter (I scanned and enlarged their class picture and then printed it on photo paper.), and added the pictures around the outside edge of the print between the glass.  

Several Prints to Choose From

How to Personalize the Subway Art with a Teacher's Name

I think the easiest way to add the names would be to first save the print to your computer and then upload it into Picnik (while it's available), PicMonkey, or another online photo editing program.  Once it's uploaded select to add text, choose the font you like, type in the teachers name.  Drag the name to the blank box and size it to fit the space.  Save it to your computer and then select to continue editing the photo.  Now you can select the name, type in a new teachers name if you'd like, and resave it. 

If you want to cover the apple, select 'shapes' and then add a white square over the apple.

 Click Here to download the Teacher Subway Art Prints 
and for more information on the framed print pictured above.

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Kellie said...

Thank you so much! :)

Anonymous said...

Great idea for a teacher gift! Thank you for sharing. Hope you have a great day!

Karen said...

Super cute idea! Love it!!

Lissa (Bellenza) said...

Not only are you creative, you have a gracious heart, too, to recognize teachers in this way!

Erika :) said...

Just finished making this (with my teenage daughter) to give to her favorite teacher. Thanks so much for the free download! I was able to put her teacher's name in the box & change out the clip art in the center. We put it in a frame we painted & put a flower in the corner...it came out incredibly cute!

Janet said...

To Erika: You're welcome, thanks for sharing with me what you made! How fun that you were able to make it with your daughter. It really sounds so cute! I think I may add a flower to one for my daughter's teacher now too. :)


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