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Stenciled Job Board/ PrintRunner Giveaway is Ending Tonight

A quick reminder that the PrintRunner giveaway for 250 free stickers ends in less than 3 hours at 10 pm MST today.   (The entries are low so you have a pretty good chance of winning!) 

My kids last day of school was on Wednesday, so today I went through all of the tags on our job board and color coded them with stickers on the backs.  Each of my kids jobs and the jobs for each room has it's own color so it should be easier to sort through them when we rotate jobs each week.

This job board isn't as big as it looks, only 6" x 17", but it's been a huge help! 
You can link to the tutorial here.

I'll be back soon with a winner, and hopefully again tomorrow with a new project to show you!  I'm just hoping the rain clouds will part long enough for me to snap a few pictures. :)

Have a fun Friday Night!

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farmhouse-story said...

my brother has 4 kids and this would be huge help in their home! tfs, janet:)


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