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Dancing Monkey Gift Idea w/Printable Gift Bag Toppers

The other day I was browsing around Dollar Tree and saw these little solar Monkeys (they had bears too).    I'm pretty sure I recall hearing my elementary school teachers telling the class "no more monkey business" a time or two so I thought it would be fun to pick up a few for my kids to give to their teachers for a Valentine's Day gift.

Here's a little video of the dancing monkeys.
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I gathered some cello sacks, a notepad and pen, green paper Easter grass, and some Hersheys Bliss and Dove Chocolates, packaged it all together and added a bag topper.  My kids wrote a little message on the notepad to their teachers to personalize them.

Here's a simpler version with just the Monkey and chocolates...

I brain-stormed for quite some time to come up with several different sayings and in the end, this is what I came up with.  What fun phrases did I miss?

The image above can be printed as a 4 x 6 print and used for smaller gift tags.

Click on this link for information on how to download the images.  All images are designed to be printed as 4 x 6 photo prints.  You will need to trim the sides down on the bag toppers to fit the top of the party size cello sacks.

I'm posting these images to be used FOR YOUR PERSONAL USE ONLY, you are welcome to pin or feature any of the images above, but please do not post the original images below on your website, thanks! :)

The name of the title font is called Janda Silly Monkey so of course I had to use it! 

If I was more on the ball I would have posted this two weeks ago instead of right on Valentine's Day. There are a few tags though that could be used anytime so this gift idea doesn't really have to be just for Valentine's Day.  Hope your day has been a good one!

Today's Fabulous Find...Dancing Solar Monkeys

Happy Valentine's Day!

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thistlewoodfarm said...

What a cute idea! Happy belated Valentine's Day to you!



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