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Printable Valentine's Day Card (Blank Inside)--I Adore you!

I came across this adorable photo while searching for images for a little Valentine's Day gift I'm putting together for my children's school teachers (I'm hoping to post it later today--we'll see, it might be tomorrow.) and thought it would be so cute on a Valentine's Day card!  Aren't those eyes so sweet!?

For Personal Use Only--please do not post the images on your blog, thank you!

The image above can be printed as large as 6"x 8".

The images below are perfect to print as a 4" x 6" print and can also be printed as large as 8" x 12" and still maintain full resolution.

To make a card:  Print the image on photo or glossy paper, fold it in half, and then insert another piece of paper inside (that is cut just smaller than the card), fold and then glue together down the center.

Visit this post for directions on how to download and size the prints.

Are you busy today finishing up last minute Valentine's too? 

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tink's mom said...

Love this guy. I have a question about your statement not to post what we do with it on our blog. Why not? And does this apply to all of your work. I have used your subway art a few times and have always given you credit. I won't do that again if it's a problem and I am sorry if I did something wrong.

Janet said...

To tink's mom: Thank you! I'm so glad you said something, I need to clarify that. :) I just ask that the original image of the printable, that I post to be downloaded, isn't posted on other blogs. I LOVE to see how they are used and it makes my day to be featured on other blogs. The problem with having the original image posted on other sites is that it draws traffic from search engines to that site to download the print instead of to mine and I kinda like having visitors. :) Thanks for the links back! I'd love to see what you've done with the subway art!

farmhouse-story said...

he's adorable, janet! happy vday to you:)


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