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3 Burlap Flower Tutorials

First a confession:  I've never made burlap flowers before this and I've never read a tutorial on how to make them.  I've seen a lot of cute varieties and thought it would be fun to just play around with the fabric and come up with something on my own.  They aren't perfectly crafted, but in the end I was happy with how they turned out.  So here to make the flowers on the Framed Thanksgiving Subway Art.

  1. Cut a strip of fabric around 1 1/2 inches wide and around 12-15 inches long.  Roll it until it looks like a tube.
  2. Use a strand from the burlap, as your 'thread'.  Tip:  Pull the strand out where you plan on cutting your strip in step one, then cut along the empty space in the burlap to get a straight line.
  3. Starting with the center of the flower, roll the burlap up, similar to the look of a cinnamon roll.  Turn it upside down and stitch the burlap together to hold the shape.
  4. Stitch the loose end of the burlap to hold it in place. 
  1. Pull a strand of burlap to use as your thread.
  2. Cut a strip of burlap about 1 1/2 inches wide and 12-15 inches long.  Pull one of the strands on the side to gather-up the burlap.  You could also run a gathering stitch along the edge with a strand of burlap.
  3. Stitch the two open ends together.
  4. Turn the flower up-side-down and sew to secure it.
  5. Coming from the bottom, put your needle through the center of the flower.  Again, similar to a cinnamon roll, roll up the thread to the size of a nickel.
  6. With the same strand of thread, bring the needle through the center from the bottom and then over the circle of strands, do this five times.  Be sure to pull the thread tight.
  7. Knot the thread and clip.
  8. Pull the burlap strands off around the outside edge of the flower to create a fringed look and then trim them down so they are even.  Gently pull on the strands in between the five stitches to make it look like a flower.
  1. Pull a strand of burlap to use as your thread.
  2. Cut 2 flowers with five petals each (I free-handed them).  Stack them and sew an X through the center to hold them together.
  3. Stitch a circle around the X  on the top layer and pull the thread to gather
    it.  This cups the flower.
  4. Sew or hot glue a button in the center of the flower. 
I have a feeling I'll be making more fabric flowers.  They were fun to make!

Todays Fabulous Find:  The Burlap Flower

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Anonymous said...

Love this idea! Thanks so much!!!

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

I love all three! Very cute, and I love how you can use them on just about anything. Thanks for the tutorial!

ania said...

Świetne! Na pewno skorzystam:) Pozdrawiam!

Triple A Enterprises said...

I will do a burlap colored flowers with this tutorial. Thanks!


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