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Christmas Tree Ornaments Winner!

Thanks to all of you who entered to win the 12- Handmade Christmas Tree Ornaments! 

After reading all of your wonderful comments, I wish that I had enough for all of you!  I hope you will enjoy using the ornament templates to make some of your own. :)  

And the winner is...Rebecca!
 Congratulations Rebecca!!! 
Please e-mail me by Friday so I can get them in the mail to you.

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My Serendipity said...

Congrats Rebecca! Enjoy!

Lynnie said...

Hey! I've been trying to make these but can't find the paper you used. Do you remember where you bought it by chance?

Janet said...

In reply to L.A.L.--I just looked into it, and it seems that they have discontinued the book that I used (My Minds Eye Signature Suite By Jen Wilson), which is too bad, because it had a lot of really nice papers in it. If you go to, some of the papers are still available in other kits. Just click on shopping and it will bring up a list of online distributers that sell Jen Wilson's designs. I bought the book from a Sierra Pacific Crafts store, so you can check there too. The gold on gold star paper that I used on a few of the ornaments (in the picture that shows 19 of them) came from JoAnn fabrics as well as the blue check used on the Let it Snow ornament. All of the other papers came from Jen Wilsons line. I hope this helps you some.

squishsmom said...

shucks...and CONGRATS to the winner!! Started making some w/ my famly's names on them. A couple of my papers were a little on the dark side so I very lightly dry brushed an antique white in the center of where the grid would hit. I got a little heavy in a few spots so I lightly sanded w/ fine sand paper (directly on on the paper) WORKED great!! Now to get my hubby to cut some wood (lol)

Janet said...

What a great idea to paint the center! Thanks for sharing. :)

squishsmom said...

and I just ran mine through my printer...I've done a few mod podge projects w/ graphics printed from my cheapo ink jet w/ no probs.


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