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Featuring: Snowman Kit

One thing I've been wanting to put together is a snowman kit for my kids.  Every time they build a snowman we I end up searching the house to find all of the accessory items to make their Frosty 'come alive'.  It would be so convenient to have all of those items placed together so when the snow flies they're ready and waiting to go.  The other day I came across this impressive Snowman Kit at Make It Do.

Calli has included a tutorial on how to make it, including the snowman hat, and tips on keeping the cost down.  This snowman kit would be a fun gift idea for families on your list that have young children.  I love the tag she added too, how fun!  Click here for the tutorial and while you're there, you might want to take a look around, Make It Do is full of creative ideas.

My thanks to Calli for allowing me to share her fabulous idea with you today!

Today's Fabulous Find...The Snowman Kit!

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