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'Gift Tag' Ornaments

This year my husband and I decided it would be a good thing for our kids to give each other a gift that was more meaningful than just another toy that would be broken (most likely on the first day) and then soon forgotten.  Today my kids made 'gift tags' for each other.  Instead of writing on a tag and attaching it to a gift, they wrote something nice they could do for each other on the backs of the tags, and the tags themselves became the gifts.  I thought I'd share with you how we made them in case you'd like to make some too.

Start with an envelope.  I cut these out on my Silhouette, but you could easily cut around them by hand or use a pre-made envelope (that's by far the easiest). 

Choose a favorite Christmas gift tag.  You can print these adorable tags at Orange You Lucky.

Cut out the tags and write who it is to and from on the front and the gift given on the back.

Punch holes in the tops and tie the tags together.  (See the card my four year old cut out?  He worked so hard on it.  I love that his sisters and brother will know that he made it especially for them.)

Thread the ribbon through a punched hole in the flap and then tie a knot in the ribbon to make a hanger. Curl the ends.  Glue the flap closed.  Now they can be hung as ornaments.


Hang the envelopes on the tree to be opened and read on Christmas morning. 

My kids wrote a gift tag for each of their siblings and they also wrote one for their Dad and I.   My twelve year old loves to read, so my 4 year old chose to read her a book.  He doesn't know how to read yet, but he loves to tell the story like he is.  He even asks questions as he 'reads', it's so cute! 

If the 'gift tag' ornaments are a success, I think this will become a tradition and we'll make them every year.  It would be so fun to save them to read through in future years and remember the gifts they gave.

Today's Fabulous Find...'Gift Tag' Ornaments

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I Play Outside The Box said...

There is no better gift to give, than your time spent with someone you love. I'm going to suggest this to my family tomorrow and see if we can all do at least one tag for each person next year. In fact...I will do it tomorrow to just get the 'program' off the ground. I had better get busy!!

Merry Christmas to y'all!!

farmhouse-story said...

love this idea, janet!

Mika said...

We were the same as you, we decided that even though going to the local dollar store so the kids could buy presents, was great in the past, this year we wanted to do something a bit different. It was our first year to do homemade presents, and it really helped to bring the spirit of giving into our home!


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