Healthy Valentine Snacks

As Valentine's Day approaches, many of you, like me, may be looking for fun healthy snacks to supply for your child's Valentine's Day class party, or even to munch on at home or at work.  I've linked to the articles that I found helpful and listed their suggestions for healthy Valentine's snacks directly below the link.  I hope this will help you too!

Chocolate fondue and fruit
Healthy Valentines Day Snacks for the Classroom and Family
Fruit and yogurt dip
Valentine kabobs
Love punch
Jello cutouts
Heart-shaped sandwiches
Printable Valentine Fruit Stickers at Twig and Thistle

How to Provide Healthy Treats for a Valentine's Party
Heart-shaped pancakes
Heart-shaped quiches
Heart-shaped Jello jigglers
 Healthy Valentine's Day Treats for the Little One's
 Valentine's Day Kabobs
Strawberry Roll-ups
Mini Fruit Smoothies
Mostly Healthy Valentine's Treats
I-love-you Strawberry Pancakes
Yogurt Parfait
Cream Cheese Heart Sandwiches
Pink Berry Smoothie
Heart-shaped Kid's Pizza
Angel Berry Parfait
Chocolate Fondue with Fruit
This last link isn't specifically for Valentine's Day snacks, but has some good suggestions for healthy everyday snacks.
30 Healthier Snack Ideas for Kids
Today's Fabulous Find...Healthy Valentine Snack Ideas

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willowbird35 said...

I laughed when I read healthy treats for Valentine's Day because you don't expect to see healthy and Valentines Day in the same sentence! :) But those are great ideas. I laughed again when I got to the end of the post and went to post a comment and at the bottom of the article was your link to the day you posted about the recipe for cookie dough that was safe to eat! Mmmm...(not healthy...I'm chanting to myself here) LOL - Karen


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