Soft Sugar Cookies and Candy Melt Flowers

Today my kids and I tried a new way to make edible flowers.  You might look at them and assume they're made with frosting, but they're actually made from Wilton chocolate candy melts and corn syrup.  


They're surprisingly easy to make and one batch will make a bunch of small roses.  (I still have a lot of the candy clay left.)   Shaping the petals can become a bit tedious after awhile, so you might want to turn on a movie to watch while you make them. :)

You could also write words with frosting on the white part of the cookies for fun.

I learned how to make these roses from Dawn at Because I Said So.  She has made a video tutorial on how she makes them and explains every step in detail.  Her roses are amazing!

A couple of things that I learned: 
1.  After I mixed the two ingredients there was some liquid in the bowl.  I tried to mix it in, but it really wouldn't mix back together.  If this happens to you, I think it would work best to just drain it before you wrap it up in the waxed paper.  Otherwise when it solidifies it stays white instead of taking on the food coloring. 

2.  When you are shaping the rose petals, if the candy gets too warm it won't work as well.  If you let it sit for a bit in-between steps it will turn clay-like again. 

For the leaves I took a green spice drop, flattened it with my fingers, tore it in half, formed each half into the shape of a leaf and then folded the bottom in half and pinched it together.

The sugar cookie recipe that I used is one you'll definitely want to try if you like soft cookies.  Trust me when I say these cookies are delicious!

 (source of clip art n/a)

Frosting them with cream cheese frosting from a can saves time and tastes good on the cookies.  


I used cinnamon hearts with a spice drop center to make this flower.   Normally I wouldn't put this many on one cookie, but thought it was fun to try it anyway. :)

 Today's Fabulous Find...Candy Melt Roses at 'Because I Said So'


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farmhouse-story said...

your roses are awesome-tfs!

Megan said...

these look great. they turned out a lot better than the frosting roses that I have yet to master. Did you say that kids made these? impressive.

Janet said...

In reply to Megan: My kids made some roses, but not the ones in the photos. They did a pretty good job on the one's that they made though. Working with this 'candy clay' is a lot like using play doh so they already had a lot of practice. :)

Becca Ross said...

These are so pretty! Thanks for sharing... except now I'm hungry.


abeachcottage said...

Thanks for sharing. They are so pretty but they also look very delicious!


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