A 'MOO'ving Gift Idea

There may come a time when someone you care about is put on an all liquid diet after surgery, or is ill and having a hard time.  You want to do something to cheer them up and show you care...but what?  Sure there's flowers, and flowers are great--but maybe you want to give them something unique and fun and soothing...like say...chocolate milk!

This is a little gift that I took to a friend of mine.  I found the perfect cow picture through a Google search, then made it into a card, made a couple of cow tags, and added some ribbon.

 This is what the card said:

 (front of card)
 'Herd' you're on the mend...

 (inside of card)
...so glad to hear it!

 'Milk' it for all it's worth,
you deserve it!)

or it could say:

'Herd' you're feeling sick...

...so sad to hear it.

Until you're well,
'Milk' it for all it's worth!

It could be written better, but you get the idea.  Write whatever best fits the person you are giving it too.

Since I knew that my friend would share with her family (she's nice like that), I took a jug of chocolate milk for her family and one just for her.

Today's Fabulous Find...A 'Moo'ving Gift Idea

I've been working on the March Subway Art and it should be posted by Tuesday.  Some of you got a sneak peek when I accidentally hit 'publish post'...oops!  Wouldn't it be nice if there was a box that opened after we hit publish that asked if we were sure that's what we wanted to do?  How nice would that be!

I hope you're enjoying your weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Thats a cute idea.


Lisa said...

a MOOvelous idea! just adorable:)

farmhouse-story said...

this is so fun-love it, janet!


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