Embellished Jean Shorts

Look what my 13 year old daughter made!  I couldn't be more pleased. :) 

She asked me last night if I'd like to see what she made and I was so shocked when she showed me these embellished jean shorts.  She designed and made them all by herself while I was in my youngest daughters room sorting through her 'treasures'.   She was so quiet about it that I had absolutely no clue that she was even making anything.

She first took a pair of her old jeans and cut them off into shorts and frayed the bottom edges.  Then she used the jean leg to cut out the layers of flower petals. 

She used a black permanent marker to draw around the edges of the flower and then frayed the edges a bit.  Not a bad idea, right!  After all, permanent marker never comes out of  kids clothes, so why not put it there on purpose for once. ;)

There were only a couple of drawbacks, one small, and one kinda big. 

The small problem is that she used hot glue to glue on the little gems.  They probably wouldn't last long in the dryer, but it would be easy enough to glue them back on with permanent fabric glue. 

The big problem is that when I asked her if she'd go put them on so I could see how they looked....she discovered that the shorts were too tight and they no longer fit her!  I felt so bad!   I guess someone could argue that this is also a 'small' problem (hee, hee).   She's not worried about it though, she said that really she just wanted something to do. :)

Today's Fabulous Find...Embellished Jean Shorts

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Lynette said...

Cute shorts! Too bad they don't fit.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Impressive:) I have a seven year old if you'd like to pass them down...just sayin!
Have a great day!!

Janet said...

In reply to scrapmebaby: Ooh, great minds must think alike...I have a seven year old daughter as well to pass them down to, or you better believe they'd be all yours! :)

Deanna said...

Very impressive! They are way cute! Also, I have a 9 year old who could wear them before your 7 year old...just saying. :)


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