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Mother's Day Subway Art (Revised)

I've revised all of the Mother's Day subway art prints (and even added one in purple) so they can be used for other years and occasions as well.  I'll blame my decision to use the date of this years Mother's Day on all of the prints (the first time around) on the fact that I was rushing to design them in just one day (to post them the next) and was making these big decisions at 3 am.  Never a good idea!  Better late than never though, right? :) 

I have a Father's Day Subway Art print that is nearly finished and will be posting it within a week or so. 

Mother's Day Subway Art with Flower Image
 For Personal Use Only


Click here for the original Mother's Day Subway Art post
including information on downloading and sizing.

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Anonymous said...

Thank You very much for doing this for us!!! They are beautiful!!!

Stuart and Kimber said...

Thanks so much!!! This is great!

Glenna said...

These are great. Thanks for all your time and effort. Look forward to every new thing you do.

Janet said...

Thanks Kimber and Glenna, I appreciate that. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing! I featured you in a recent post. Stop by and grab a "I've Been Featured" button!


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