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Make a Paint Stick Soap Box

A couple of years ago I had an idea to make printed ornaments using paint sticks.  At first I didn't know what I was doing, so of course I made some mistakes.   Instead of throwing the ruined ornaments away though I made them into a decorative soap box.  (This was my inspiration when I made the larger paint stick crate recently.)

See?  Here they are!  (I didn't even bother to paint over them.)

(In case you're wondering...the 'believe' ornament was an attempt to scan and print the scrapbook paper and the 'joy' ornament was printed instead of being photo copied and the ink smeared.)

The best part about this soap box is that you can make it for free!  It only takes a couple of 5 gallon size paint sticks to make one.  If you don't already have paint sticks hanging around your house that you can use, you can ask to buy some for a craft at a paint counter.  

How To Make A Paint Stick Soap Box

Here's what you'll need:

2- 5 gallon size Paint sticks
glue (hot glue, wood, Gorilla, whatever you've got that will hold paint sticks together)
staple gun (optional, it's just for looks)
hand saw
paint or stain
stencil (you can make one)


First cut four- 4" lengths for the sides and the bottom of the box, and two pieces that are the width of two paint sticks plus the depth of two paint sticks for the ends (around 3 1/4" to 3 3/8" long if you use Lowe's or Home Depot 5 gallon paint sticks). 

To make the box sides appear to be two pieces, use a hand saw to score four of the sticks down the middle.

Take four of the paint stick pieces and place them together to form a rectangle box.

Glue them together, or if you want, staple the corners together with an electric staple gun.  Be careful to watch your fingers, it's a bit tricky to line up (it helps to use a 2x4).  If the staples don't go in all of the way, use a hammer.

Take the two 4" long pieces for the bottom of the box and glue them in about 1/2" up from the bottom.  (Hot glue works good.)

Paint or stain the box.  (I think I might still rub on some white paint with a rag to make this one look more aged, I just haven't gotten around to it yet.)

For the stencil, either print out the word SOAP onto card stock and cut it out with an Exacto knife (this is what I did), or cut out a stencil with a craft cutting machine if you have one.  The font I used is called 'stencil'.   I used a foam brush to apply the paint and then after it was dry I lightly brushed over it with some brown paint so the white wasn't so bright.  It will also work to rub some stain on over it with a rag.

I added some excelsior in the bottom and two bars of scented soap (items that I had) and was able to make my little soap box without spending any money.  I love it when that happens!   Who knows, you might have everything you need to make one for free too. :)

Today's Fabulous Find....Free Paint Stick Soap Box

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farmhouse-story said...

cute idea! tfs!

Lauren said...

good job!

Anonymous said...

While I don't agree with asking for paint sticks just to do these type projects, your box is very, very cute. All you'd need to do is wrap some cellophane around the box and soap for a lovely gift for someone.

Just Jaime said...

Great way to reuse your stuff! I love how honest you are!

Janet said...

Tip--If you don't already have a few extra paint sticks around your house that you can use, you can buy them at Home Depot and Wal-mart. I don't expect paint stores to give them to me for free and ALWAYS ask if I can buy them if it's for a craft. Most times they insist that there is no charge because they cost them so little. I've shared this information on prevous paint stick posts, but didn't think to mention it in this one.

Anonymous said...

This is a fabulous soap box! I love it! Thanks for sharing you fabulous creativity with all of us.

kimberly @ craftyland said...

that is super cute! what a fun idea. i like how it looks so antiquey. stopping by from the power of paint party!


Jen @ EmbellishingLifeEveryday said...

I love your paint stick projects! This one turned out great. Thanks for sharing :)

Sharde said...

this is super cute! great way to turn a craft that didn't go your way into something else awesome. thats how alot of my crafts end up working. :) every "failure" leads to learning something new!

Ashley said...

this turned out great! I LOVE it

Unknown said...

Happy Wednesday Janet~

I just love how creative you are when you get your hands on those paint sticks!! Thanks for sharing another wonderful idea. :)


Drop By The Tattered Tag

Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

What a fun little box, easy too!

Angie Holden said...

Love that little box!! :)

Julia @AllFreeChristmasCrafts said...

What a great idea! Your project is perfect for Christmas and we would love to feature it on our site,! If this is something that sounds interesting to you, feel free to contact me at jlitz (at) primecp (dot) com. Thanks!

Katie said...

Super Sweet Idea Janet! Loving your stuff!!


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