Girls' Vanity {Thrift Find}

My youngest daughter and I popped in to check out Goodwill the other day hoping to find a dresser but instead she set her eyes on this cutey-patootie girls vanity.  She fell in love.  So did I.

I had seen it in there the week before and they were asking $40 for it, but when I checked the sticker again it had been marked down to $25, which I thought was reasonable.

It was in near new condition with only a couple of tiny nicks and needed some cleaning, but even then not a whole lot, so I really couldn't pass it up.  I mean I love to spray paint and all, but I love it even more when I don't have to do anything to it at all.  Ya know?

This is what it looked like before we took a warm soapy rag and a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to it (best invention).  We gave it a thorough cleaning, tightened the bolts and it was ready for use.   Our thanks to Ashlyn (who wrote her name inside of the drawer in crayon) for taking such good care of it. ;)

One of our favorite features...

The one thing it's missing though is a little chair or stool, but we have plans to try to make one, we'll see how that goes.  My daughter also wants to add a fabric skirt to it, but I'm not sure if that's such a good idea.  I think it would be cute to look at, but might get ripped or be in the way while she's using it.  Any experience on this one?

Today's Fabulous Find...Girls' Vanity

I know this isn't the most exciting post (wish I had more to share), but my kids are going back to school this week, so were taking it easy around here for the last days of summer break.  I'm sure many of you are in the same place right now as well. 

I've been working on a couple of projects recently; a subway art print for Fall that's done, and almost ready to post, and re-finishing a living room table that's not done and hopefully will someday be done (that's all I'm hoping for at this point).  It's been a real bugger.  I'll tell you all about it, hopefully soon! :)

Anyway, if things are slow around here for a bit it's because we're just trying to make the best of the little summer we have left.  I hope you are able to enjoy these last summer days as well and know how much I appreciate your support and kindness, thanks so much for reading!

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Pink Cake Plate said...

Fabric skirts are great and very easy!! I love them and they don't really get in the way just make sure they don't drag on the floor!! and you can store things under the desk!!

Janet said...

To Pink Cake Plate: Good to know! We might just give it a try. I know she'd love a fabric skirt on it.

Unknown said...

I had one similar to that when I was little. My mom added a fabric skirt and I LOVED it....never had any problems with it ripping - even with my rowdy little brother! :)

Desiree @ The 36th AVENUE said...


Janet said...

To Becky: My daughter will be glad to hear that a skirt can withstand rowdy little brothers, she's got one of her own. :)

farmhouse-story said...

the legs are cute and if you don't need the storage, what about a shorter skirt of tulle, janet? either way you go, its such a bargain and adorable!

BKWilliams said...

Great find and good buy! Love Goodwill stores, because the "color tag" mark down is an adventure to find. I have to drive over an hour to go to one:(

The skirt needs to be attached with velcro. This would allow her to have more than one skirt to change with her decor or mood.

Karen said...

What an awesome find Janet! That is adorable. I love Goodwill! Hope your enjoying the last of your Summer:) Take care-

yyam said...

Oh wow! What a great buy! It's lovely! :)


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