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Handmade Pine Cone {flower} Ornaments

It seems as though I'm still hooked on these little pine cone flowers!  Probably because they are free and so darn cute!  The other day I went to put away a package of foam balls that was leftover from my son's science project (a pretty fierce looking Black Widow Spider!) and found myself imagining them completely covered in adorable little pine cone flowers.  The thought got me so excited that I went to work and made a few.  Can I just say that I love how natural these pine cone ornaments look on my Christmas tree--love!

I took the ornaments outside to photograph them in better lighting-- 
sure wish I'd noticed that little strand of hot glue before I took the pictures!  
(You probably didn't even notice it and now I just pointed it out to you!)

They are simple but take some time to make.  It's a perfect time to watch a holiday movie--you can listen to the movie and look up enough to see what's happening, but you won't miss much if you need to focus on the project.  I suggest starting with The Twelve Dates of Christmas, have you seen it?  I thought it was a cute show.

Tip:  I set a sheet of (.30) poster board on my kitchen table to do my crafting on.  I can paint, stain, glue, and my table remains protected.  When I need to move the craft for dinner, I pick up the poster board with my project mess still on it and  temporarily move it to another location.  When I'm all done the poster board goes back out to the garage to be stored until the next project.

How to make Pine Cone {flower} Ornaments

  • 2 1/2" Foam balls (I bought mine at a dollar store, can't beat 8 for a dollar!)
  • Paint and Foam Paint Brush
  • Jute
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue
  • Small 1-2" Long Pine Cones
  • Handheld Garden Pruners
  • Ribbon (optional)


Paint the foam ball so the white foam doesn't show through the pine cones.  (Hindsight: Black paint might look better.)

Cut the pine cones into little flowers using small handheld pruning shears.  Tutorial here.

Hot glue into place, fitting them as closely together as you can.  (I tried to line them up as I went.)

Glue the jute hanger to the top then fill in with pine cones flowers.

Tie a ribbon bow and pin it to the top of the ornament with a straight pin.  (Or hot glue it on if you're sure you want it there permanently.) I was able to use ribbon from my stash.

*Use the tips of the pine cones to make the version pictured below.  You can make one of these for every two ornaments you make with flat flowers (approximately).

 If you have access to free pine cones (thanks Grandma!), ribbon, jute, paint, and hot glue on hand, and a dollar store that sells foam balls nearby (Dollar Tree), then you too are very fortunate and can make these ornaments for .15 each--not too bad!

The ornaments also look pretty hanging on a doorknob or in a basket/tray if you only have the time and/or patience to make a few!

Today's Fabulous Find...Handmade Pine Cone Flower Ornaments

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farmhouse-story said...

so clever and cute, janet! they do make adorable flowers, don't they?

being able to see a tiny strand of glue speaks to your awesome photography:)

Bellenza Wedding Bistro said...

These actually look like rustic, woodsy pomanders! (Funny tip about watching a Christmas movie while crafting these!)

Janet said...

You're right, they do look like pomanders don't they! Watching Christmas movies while crafting is one of my favorite traditions. :)


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