Printable Halloween Fishing Game

Before I added the Halloween Fish to the Halloween Fish? Say what? post, I printed out a letter sized sheet of them to make sure they looked okay when they were printed.  Not wanting it to just go to waste, I used it to make a fishing game for my kids and guess what, I have a free printable of it for you too!

It only took about 15 minutes to make this fishing game.  The stick is a bamboo skewer (with the point cut off).  Obviously, if you're using a magnet and paperclips, you'll want to supervise your young children so they don't choke on anything.

My two youngest kids had a lot of fun fishing.  When they caught a fish they would look at the back of it, pretending there was something written on it, and then proceed to 'read' it. :)

Here are a few of the things that they 'read':
Happy Trick or Treat Day!
 Hope you get lots of candy!
Have fun at the market buying your costume! (market?)
Happy Pumpkin Day!
Hope you have a good Halloween!
If you'd like to print this, click on the image and wait for it to load, then right click and either click on copy, to copy and paste it into a document, or click on save picture as to save it to your computer.

*I think this would be a fun Halloween classroom party game.  You could write something on the back of the fish (for real) for the children to read, maybe some simple questions that if answered correctly they could choose a piece of candy!
  Happy fishing!  Have a nice weekend!

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laxsupermom said...

I love this Halloween fishing game! Thanks for making the printable. I'm going to add this as a game for our 5yo's party.

And on the technical side - how do you create a printable for blogger? I'd love to incorporate some printables for a couple of craft projects featured on my blog.

Janet said...

Your welcome! To be honest, this is the first time that I created a printable for my blog and I was crossing my fingers that it would work. :) I use microsoft publisher, so I hope this will help you.

First I clicked on insert picture and then clicked on from my scanner. The image will scan directly to your open document. To give them a white backround I clicked insert object, chose the square, chose no line and white for the fill, and then sent it to the back behind my images. When I had all of the images in place where I wanted them I grouped them together, including the white square. Next I right clicked on save picture as and saved them as a GIF image in a high resolution printing setting. To put them on my blog, I added it as a picture. There may be easier ways of doing this, but this seems to be working. I hope this helps you. If you have problems let me know, in case I missed a step. :)

Jenny @ Embellishing Life said...

What a fun holiday activity for the kiddos! Sound like they loved it.
Thanks for linking up to the Catwalk :)


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