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Freezer Jam Shortcut

Lately the grocery store I shop at has been struggling to keep the shelves stocked.  Last time I shopped they were out of 10 items that I needed, including Mac & Cheese!  Really.  No mac & cheese... in any brand.  I ended up buying the shells, turns out the kids don't like shells...nice.  Anyway, back to the point, I needed to buy some pectin to make freezer strawberry jam and it was out...all of the brands...typical.  They did have a box of liquid fruit pectin that didn't cost much more, so I bought some to give it a try.  Turns out it works pretty well.  Because it's already in liquid form you can skip the step where you have to boil it and wait for it to dissolve, which saves a little time. 

I followed the directions for freezer jam that came with the pectin and made two batches.  Homemade strawberry jam is by far my favorite so I like to make sure that we won't run out.  One cup Ziploc containers work really well to freeze it in. 
The green stuff in the bags is zucchini from our garden.  My recipe for bikini zucchini bread calls for three cups of grated zucchini, so when I bag it, I measure out exactly what I need and then freeze it. there you have it, liquid pectin, todays' fabulous find

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