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Reusable Gift Sack/KidsGift Idea

When you're giving a gift, naturally you'd head to the gift sack section to find a bag, right?  Well, how about heading over to the tote section?  This is a gift my daughter gave to her friend this past weekend.  The bag was purchased at the dollar store.  Pretty cute, right?  It's the same price that I would have paid for a paper gift sack, but it can be used by her friend for a long time and feels like a better use of my money.

 It's also a place to keep all of the craft items that we put inside.  I can imagine a 6 year old girl having a lot of fun creating her own little people, castles, princesses, etc. with these items (which all came from the dollar store).  I really like the google eyes.  You can't really see it in the picture, but they are very girly, including curly eyelashes. :)

Total price for this gift:  $6


I'm always on the lookout for creative Birthday gifts.  Do you have any fun ideas for kids gifts?  Please share. :)

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