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There was a recent update that has caused my Google Doc links to stop working. Please send me a request for access to the files until I can get them up and running again. I will grant you access through the email as soon as I am able to, thank you!


Blogging Helps and Tips

Blogging can bring you joy and happiness, when you know what you're doing, and pain and frustration when you don't!  If you are learning to blog by trial and error, like myself, then this post is especially for you.  There is a wonderful new resource for bloggers, new and old, called The Blog Guidebook


It's filled with helpful how-to's, that can save you time and frustration, and so much more.  This guidebook is a great resource for Bloggers and has a load of useful information.  Check it out, trust me when I say you'll be glad that you did.
The Blog Guidebook is Today's Fabulous Find!

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Emily @ Finding My Aloha said...

Never heard of this! I might need to check this out. Thanks for stoppign by earlier and leaving a note! Glad you liked the owl costume!


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