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There was a recent update that has caused my Google Doc links to stop working. Please send me a request for access to the files until I can get them up and running again. I will grant you access through the email as soon as I am able to, thank you!


What A Ride!

On September 16th, with the click of a button, I switched my blog from Private to Public and what a ride it's been since then!  I've had so much fun these last two weeks, thanks to some of you!

First of all,  thanks to the followers of Today's Fabulous Finds...I think I'll call you the 'fab 5 6 8 9 10'. :) 

Thanks to those of you who have left such kind comments!


Thanks to Amanda, from Serenity Now, and the CSI Girls, at The CSI Project, for choosing my Interchangeable Countdown Calendar as the  #1 Project in the Turquoise Challenge

When I saw that the Countdown Calendar was chosen, I think my jaw nearly hit the floor!  I never dreamed that it would be the top pick.  So many really creative and beautiful projects were submitted.  You can check them out here, it will be well worth your time! 

Hope you have a great weekend!

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Rebecca said...

You'd better switch that to the super 6! Congrats on being the #1 project!

Janet said...

Thanks Rebecca, it's updated to the 'fab 6'! :)


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